IT Management Training

                            for Administrators!

Just install a nice new network, complete with all the latest software, bells and whistles? Hums like a kitten doesn't it and you're bragging on it too, as well you should! It certainly cost enough, didn't it?

The people who built your fine new network have gone home, the people whom taught you how to work the software have went back to their respective cities. You know you should be doing something but aren't sure what.

That's the typical scenerio in today's medical practices in their rush to implement and adopt EMR. You get the job done but if you're unsure what to do next then you're going to need to pay someone to perform the most basic tasks. Tasks that are easily incorporated into your existing routine and performed in-house. Tasks that can trememdously lower your total cost of ownership by many, many thousands of dollars. Even in the first year.

Wow! I'm still nervous though. I don't know much about IT. That's what Medical Practice IT Solutions is here for. We teach you how to accomplish these basic tasks, how to incorporate them into your administrative schedule and many other money saving techniques.

We are experts at training your staff on these cost lowering procedures and techniques. You'll save thousands the very first year. Call us at 318-336-4334 or e-mail us to discuss your goals.

Call today and stop losing money!